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Injector testing

DIT31 automatic injector tester.

For conventional, two spring and trucks Test parameters Back leakage time, first and second stage open pressures and the K-factor. Visual examination of the spray pattern.

Printed test reports

DIT31 download for more information


Automatic electronic triggering unit for both electro mechanical and piezoelectric common rail diesel fuel injectors.

Test parameters -back leakage -reaction time -injection time -flow Visual examination of the spay pattern Printed test reports.

Bosch Piezolectric

Back leakage add on for Bosch common rail injectors.

Integral pump only requires a power supply in order to maintain the back pressure required during the test.

Pump testing

Simulator for testing three technologies
-analogically controlled
-digitally controlled
-common rail

ERT45R download for more information

Analogically Controlled Pump

Requires the hardware (ERT45R) and the correct program kit.

Digital Pump

Requires the hardware (ERT45R) the program kit and the electronic timing and phasing bracket (81.01.1A01).

Common Rail Pump

Requires the hardware (ERT45R) flow meter (FL400) and the test accumulator (87.11.011).

Test Benches

From 5.5KW (7.5HP) -11.00KW (15HP) 8 and 12 cylinder

Complies with European standards for user safety and electromagnetic emission (CE mark) and ISO 4008 standard for static and dynamic tests.


Computer based diagnostic interface. Supports 74 manufacturers. Very user friendly visual and audible on screen operating instructions. Technical support by email telephone and web based user forum. (For more information click on the image to see complete product listing)


For diesel fuel injection pump and injector reconditioning. Engine timing tools, injector pullers, ultrasonic cleaners and microscopes.

Marbed download for more information

New Product 10019 Series